Reasons Why Hiring an Escort Service is Absolutely Normal

Through history, the human race has progressed a lot. From steam engines to nuclear power, rags to designer wear. We have come a long way and changed in many ways over many things. But one thing that has remained true and unchanged is our need for company. Man is a social animal and that is why, a person will always crave intimacy with another person. It is one of our basic needs not only to satisfy our physical needs but also to provide an outlet for the emotional expression that accompanies that physical need to connect with another being of intellect.

And that is why, since the ancient times, there have always been those who have taken up the task of providing this much needed company by practicing it as a job. As a professional deed numerous men and women have been involved in this service for centuries and there seems to be enough indication that this is not going to change anytime soon.

But despite an individual’s need for it and the availability of people willing to fulfill that need, there have always been those who have cast aspersions on this industry. Many amongst us feel that this is immoral and even inhuman. To some extent, they may be right in such cases, where the will of those involved is not taken into account or due to the presence of criminal elements.

But to be prejudiced against the entire practice of it, is a wee bit narrow minded. After all, there must be valid justification as to why the world’s oldest profession is alive to this day and caters to a market with as many unique classifications and variations as ever can be. And it is not just the poor or economically deprived who are involved. These days, young woman from well-off families are involved in the escort service Toronto and earn arguably well.

The dictionary meaning says that an escort is an attendant who is employed to accompany someone. That is it. It can be for sexual needs, for social gatherings, for a titillating chat. It can be anything as long as a suitable price and consent is there. You pay for what you want. The center of this industry is that you can make up for any failings in social skills or wooing techniques or simply the lack of a suitable partner by paying someone to be with you and do what you have both agreed to do for a certain amount.

People always assume that no one chooses to do this job. But they would be surprised to know that a large number of the individuals involved do so willingly without any suffocation to their spirit. After all, what one does should not matter as long as it is done professionally without any effect on any other party than those involved in it. If only the critics and the cynics knew about the no. of people who crave social or physical or emotional or complicated combos of such intimacy which keeps them just off the edge of insanity or depression, perhaps they would open their hearts and minds a bit more.

It is not so much the possibility of doing something wrong that might creep in sometimes, but the social stigma that people attach with hiring Toronto Escorts that forces it to be a secretive and often under-wraps kind of business. After all, society can be cruel at times. But the benefactors of the escort industry are seldom if at all affected by this, as they themselves like to keep their relations with escorts a secret for the sake of privacy and to enjoy a feeling of one-to-one emotional exchange towards which others are totally oblivious.

Whatever be the reasons or the justifications or the arguments against it, it cannot be denied that if the industry contributes to the happiness of the consumer and the prosperity of the provider, it can’t be all that bad. People have always craved a human touch and they would continue to do so. The only real expectation that can be nurtured is that those who are not familiar with it will be willing to understand it if not accept it. Only then, can a truly inclusive society be realized.