Suffering From First Date Disasters? Learn 5 Tips To Make A Conversation Going And Avoid Getting Ditched!

Getting ditched after the 1st date? How often is this the case with us guys? There is a psychology behind this. According to this, 57% women judge men on their body language and how they present themselves on the 1st date.

Now think of your first date..Were you as presentable as you should have been? Was your body language too shaky or nervous? Confidence is the key, remember!

In this blog, I am going to share 5 of the most amazing tips on how to make your first date a success with improving your communication: both verbal and body language:

1. Be Bold And Confident

Ladies love men who show a bit of confidence in the 1st date. They are judged on the basis of their handshake/ hug, way of talk, nervousness, and attitude. Believe me, if your attitude is somewhat on the heavier side, chances of you getting ditched after the 1st date is pretty damn high.

You need to ask mature questions to have a mature conversation going. Talking about the weather isn’t going to land her in your house. Be chivalrous and cheeky at the same time.

Dominate any conversation you are having, but subtly. She shouldn’t know that you are doing this on purpose. Slowly, embrace this dominating attitude in your personality. Girls like to see a dominating man..during conversation and in bed too 😉

2. Pay Attention To What She’s Saying

This is where most of us end up making a mess of. We just are not attentive enough and that is something which girls DO NOT like. Toronto escorts claim that the clients who pay more attention to them end up getting the most wonderful rewards from the girls.

Remember this, make eye contact when necessary and constantly try to connect the stories she has been telling so far. Do not look away from her when she’s talking. Ask her questions.

Don’t pretend to listen to her, they know when we do that!

3. Humor is Our Armour

Having a sense of humor really helps in first dates. This survey from USAToday reveals that 58% of women see the sense of humor as a “must have” characteristic in a potential partner.

This is something where we can work on. Don’t worry if you are not naturally funny, It’s not something which can not be learned.

This blog from has some of the prominent ideas which you can use on your first date. There are several videos on Youtube which will help you learn how to play with words.

4. Be Interesting. Boring Has No Place Here.

If You are really serious about this date, research about what she likes or dislikes beforehand. There are several ways you can know her habits from. Facebook and insta are just some places from where you can have an upper hand in impressing your date.

If you make yourself an interesting man to talk to, there is no way a girl is not coming on a 2nd date with you. Girls love to talk and this is known to pretty much everybody.

5. Talk Food! It’s an Instant Hit

If you have nothing on the mind, you can start talking about the food served on your table. It’s a plus point is you are a foodie as most of the girls are foodies and love talking about what they eat and why they eat them.

Make easy conversations about your favorite cafe in the town and what dish you like the most there. Add a subtle invitation and see how she responds. If she agrees to have a bite there in your favorite cafe, you’ve got a 2nd date!

I hope these tips will help the guys in becoming better in dates. Keep the conversation going. Always.


How To Get The Best Out Of Online Dating – Research Based Guide To Make You Popular!

It has been almost two decades since we entered into the twenty first century. If we look at the way how online dating has changed over the last twenty years or so, it has undergone a revolutionary change. It started with innocent messages and not so innocent comments on bulletin boards from where it followed to a friend request and then culminated in a face to face meet over a coffee or lunch or dinner. These conversations usually used to be confined into the people from universities and often from the same university and campus. Soon internet spread like wildfire and then came bulletin boards and messenger applications, chatrooms and instant messaging and the user base increased. It also increased the number of people all over the world having access to internet and looking for suitable partners. However, with the increase in the user base, it became a bit difficult for the ordinary folk to score dates. Another important fact was that those people who used to score dates were still able to do so, irrespective of the competition they faced. Today, we have apps like Tinder which have revolutionized online dating, and websites like FetLife which have brought people with similar fetishes close to each other.
Today we take a look at how you can make the most out of online dating apps and websites, and score for yourself meaningful dates and not just casual hookups.

Interest Is the Keyword

In order to appeal to someone and have some amount of compatibility, you should be very vocal about your personality traits and your likes and dislikes. Yes, you heard it right-dislikes. Dislike for a sports team or a celebrity can be an equally strong connection as a fandom can be. You should be very open towards your interests and likes and dislikes on your online dating profile. 



People do judge you a certain amount on the basis of your looks, but its your interests that matter the most. The greater you show, the greater there are chances for someone to share the same interests and send you a message. If you like your grad school or a particular subject or a particular ideology or even a book, you should put it there. These things can be quite a good ice breaker when you go on a real date, and you wouldn’t just notice when cupid’s arrow hits you.

Be Nice (read: Don’t be a Douche)

People are going to read what you write on your bio, and then decide whether they would like to see you at the coffee table or not. Your description should mirror your true personality. You have to appear gentle and considerate, polite and a true gentleman. Anybody who would be taking this seriously wouldn’t consider someone who would smell of racism or any such traits, or a troll for that matter. You should appear to be someone with whom they can see a future with, if things get serious. You cannot be dictating terms of a relationship in your bio. People having a penny worth of self esteem would reject you within a second. They are out there looking for partners who can be considerate and loving, and not some narcissistic fellow who would be a dictator both inside and outside of the bedroom. We are giving here a couple of examples for you: ‘






There are hundreds of similar images doing rounds on the internet showing basically what is wrong with the attitude of the people on these websites. There are very slim chances that you are going to get a date with such attitude.

Many people tend to use a expletive or use sexual innuendos in starter conversations or conversations which are still at a very early stage. Such an action is a sure shot recipe for disaster. Not only would the person block you and move on, they can take a screenshot and such screenshots can be easily found doing rounds in local social media circles. Such bad exposure can cost you any future dates too. So you should always be very careful about the approach you take towards the initial conversations. If you are lucky, you might even find some really hot escorts there too.

Use Both Common and Niche Service Providers

When it comes to online dating, you have to act very wise. There are two types of service providers- one which cater to everyone like Tinder, and one which cater only to a specific group of interests but have very dedicated customer base, like FetLife. You have to be a member of both kind of services, and try to make the most out of it. While an app like Tinder which has a very large user base can guarantee matches quickly, websites like FetLife can guarantee matches which can share the same amount of passion towards a particular interest. All in all, you can get to meet some really awesome people both ways.

Be Creative, And Funny If You Can

The same girl that you are after can be said of getting invites and conversation requests from a large number of people. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to get creative and find something that might get his or her attention. It is also true that girls usually have an advantage over boys in this case, as they are at the receiving end of all the attention.


You should be witty, and someone who can stand out from the crowd. Half the battle is won if you can make her smile or even better, laugh. But you should also remember that there is a thin line separating you being witty and you being a jerk. So choose your words carefully.

Here is how a user won a tinder date: 


Learn To Have Patience

Although people choose to look for prospects online, that does not mean they do not have a life outside of it. People can get busy sometimes, and hence it would be unwise of you to expect a response back within seconds. You should always remember to have some patience and give the other person the comfort of replying at his or her discretion. If you start bombarding someone you like every few seconds, it is almost certain that they would get scared and not reply or even worse, block you straight away.

While it has certainly been a while since online dating has revolutionized how relationships began and persevered, there is a lot of gap in finding the right knowledge and etiquettes to make it a success. We are here to help, and you should not think twice before contacting us for any problems that might be related to online dating.