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Suffering From First Date Disasters? Learn 5 Tips To Make A Conversation Going And Avoid Getting Ditched!

Getting ditched after the 1st date? How often is this the case with us guys? There is a psychology behind this. According to this, 57% women judge men on their body language and how they present themselves on the 1st date.

Now think of your first date..Were you as presentable as you should have been? Was your body language too shaky or nervous? Confidence is the key, remember!

In this blog, I am going to share 5 of the most amazing tips on how to make your first date a success with improving your communication: both verbal and body language:

1. Be Bold And Confident

Ladies love men who show a bit of confidence in the 1st date. They are judged on the basis of their handshake/ hug, way of talk, nervousness, and attitude. Believe me, if your attitude is somewhat on the heavier side, chances of you getting ditched after the 1st date is pretty damn high.

You need to ask mature questions to have a mature conversation going. Talking about the weather isn’t going to land her in your house. Be chivalrous and cheeky at the same time.

Dominate any conversation you are having, but subtly. She shouldn’t know that you are doing this on purpose. Slowly, embrace this dominating attitude in your personality. Girls like to see a dominating man..during conversation and in bed too 😉

2. Pay Attention To What She’s Saying

This is where most of us end up making a mess of. We just are not attentive enough and that is something which girls DO NOT like. Toronto escorts claim that the clients who pay more attention to them end up getting the most wonderful rewards from the girls.

Remember this, make eye contact when necessary and constantly try to connect the stories she has been telling so far. Do not look away from her when she’s talking. Ask her questions.

Don’t pretend to listen to her, they know when we do that!

3. Humor is Our Armour

Having a sense of humor really helps in first dates. This survey from USAToday reveals that 58% of women see the sense of humor as a “must have” characteristic in a potential partner.

This is something where we can work on. Don’t worry if you are not naturally funny, It’s not something which can not be learned.

This blog from has some of the prominent ideas which you can use on your first date. There are several videos on Youtube which will help you learn how to play with words.

4. Be Interesting. Boring Has No Place Here.

If You are really serious about this date, research about what she likes or dislikes beforehand. There are several ways you can know her habits from. Facebook and insta are just some places from where you can have an upper hand in impressing your date.

If you make yourself an interesting man to talk to, there is no way a girl is not coming on a 2nd date with you. Girls love to talk and this is known to pretty much everybody.

5. Talk Food! It’s an Instant Hit

If you have nothing on the mind, you can start talking about the food served on your table. It’s a plus point is you are a foodie as most of the girls are foodies and love talking about what they eat and why they eat them.

Make easy conversations about your favorite cafe in the town and what dish you like the most there. Add a subtle invitation and see how she responds. If she agrees to have a bite there in your favorite cafe, you’ve got a 2nd date!

I hope these tips will help the guys in becoming better in dates. Keep the conversation going. Always.


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