Women, Avoid These Men

Every adolescence draws in her mind a picture of the man she wishes to meet: He is as tall as actor X and macho as boxer Y, has the sharp eyes of actor Z, the smile of host A, and the sun-burned face of cowboy C, dances as singer D, dresses as male model E, and has a G model car. However Toronto escorts, the more she grows up and matures, the more she becomes realistic and thinks logically, and the more she concentrates on moral qualities. For example, she might look for loving and caring man, a man who’ll be a good dad for her kids, or a generous guy although it is sometimes hard to figure out whether a man really has these features, no matter how long she knows him. Besides, women might ignore some bad sides in a man if he has qualities they like, but they should be aware of characteristics that some men have, and which could make life with them hell, such as, a stingy, too jealous men, and cheaters.

First, some women have no idea how it is awful to live with a penny pincher who counts every penny comes and goes and needs detailed explanation for every item should inter home, every time she wants to have dinner outside, or buy stuff for herself. Besides, he might escape sharing expenses and find tens of excuses for not doing so, or even he might take control of her income under the pretext that she isn’t thrifty. A woman could figure out that the man she dates is stingy through small details in his behaviour or speech, for example, he might escape paying the bill in the restaurant, make excuses not to go outside, or buy cheap gifts or never buy at all.

Second, what could be worse than being stingy is being too jealous; imagine you live with someone who might call you every half an hour to check where you are, or dial your friend’s phone number and ask to talk to you so that he makes sure you are really in her house. Besides, he might check your bags and personal stuff secretly to quench his doubts, or ask for long explanation every time you need to go outside alone. Moreover, he may let you cut many of your relationships with friends because he doesn’t feel comfortable with them.

Finally, another type of men that women should be aware of is the cheater. Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out whether a man is a cheater while dating, and some husbands are fortunate enough to escape with their cheating for good. The problem with cheaters is they can’t be trusted any more once they caught cheating, and because trust is one basic pillar of any relationship, it is hard to keep marriage when trust is lost between the partners.

To make the long story short, every woman wishes to meet the perfect man for her personality, but because she already knows that may not happen, she might choose the man that has the most of the features she likes. However, women must be aware of miser, jealous men and cheaters because they could turn her life into hell.

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